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Clutch Can Play A Role

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Clutch is the most important part of the whole vehicle, the clutch end, what role does? Let me answer your questions one by one, I hope to give you some help!
Clutch is located between the engine and the gearbox flywheel, clutch Assembly with screws fixed on the back of the flywheel on the plane, the clutch output shaft is the gearbox input shaft. In the car during driver needed brake or release the clutch pedal, isolation and gradual engagement makes engine and transmission for the time being, to cut off or transfer the power of the engine to the transmission input. To most common of car with dry friction type clutch device for cases, its work principle is: joint Shi, using diaphragm spring (or spiral spring, and disc type spring), pressure tight components role Yu clutch device pressure disc, will clutch device from moving disc Assembly tight pressure in flywheel and pressure disc Zhijian, produced must of friction moment, to will engine of power passed to drive system, to drive vehicles forward or back; separation Shi, using manipulation system drive separation bearing, push (pulled) moving clutch device separation rod (or diaphragm spring separation refers to), using lever principle and the ( Or) elastic restoring force of the flap, relax on the platen Assembly pressure, thereby cutting the engine's power delivery, shift, and so on.