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Clutch Is Made Up Of Those Parts Of The

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Car is now the love of a means of transport, so people of praise and recognition, so we all know that clutch of contrived it works? To give you a better understanding of automotive clutch, let me introduce to you! Is divided into 3 parts. 1, separation processes, step on the pedal, lever pull separation fork to the right, making it further compression compression spring at the same time to relieve pressure on the pressure plate and clutch from the moving parts in a separate State initiative, and interruption of power transmission. 2, re-engagement process, when when you need to restore power, lift the clutch pedal slowly, gradually under pressure plate in compression spring clamping platen, torque increases passed by the pressure plate, disc began to spin, cars began to move but still lower than the speed of the flywheel. Until the clutch fully, the process ends. 3, the process, when the clutch spring clutch flywheel and platen press. Engine torque a flywheel and pressure plate through the friction torque transmitted to the driven disc, then output from the disc to the drive system.