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Clutch Is One Of The Most Important Parts On The Car

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

With the development of society, almost every family has a car, but do we have the correct operation, and understand the correct operation method? Today I'll teach you how to properly use the clutch, let you reduce the wear on the clutch, enhancing the life of used cars! Then I divided into following tell everyone about it!
1, when stepping on the operation of the clutch is a fast, two slow, three linkages. In the pedal up fast at the beginning; half occurred when the clutch linkage, pedal to lift a little slower; by linkage to a fully integrated process, slowly lift the pedal. At the same time lift the clutch pedal and engine resistance gradually stepping on the accelerator pedal, making the car a smooth start.
2, in normal driving, the car's clutch, is in a tight, the clutch should be non-slip. In drive is Shi except car started, and for block and speed brake need stepped on Xia clutch device pedal outside, other time are don't nothing stepped on clutch, or put feet put in clutch device pedal Shang, lane Shi put feet long time put in clutch device pedal Shang, is easy caused clutch device skid, and clutch device tablets burn corrosion, phenomenon, serious Shi even makes clutch device pressure disc, and flywheel end surface burn corrosion pulled injury, led to clutch device pressure tight spring annealing, fault. Meanwhile, can also lead to gas, fees, additional costs.
Correct operation when shifting
3, in the lane when shifting, manipulation of the clutch pedal should be quickly pressed and lifted, half do not appear linked, otherwise, may accelerate the wear of the clutch. In addition, operation should pay attention to in conjunction with gas. To shift smoothly, reducing transmission shift mechanism and clutch wear, promoting the use of two-clutch shift method. Although this method is complicated, but good way to save money is driving the car.
When braking the correct use
4, car driving, except for low-speed brake parking needs the clutch pedal, otherwise braking try not to step on the clutch pedal. Low-speed driving in the parking brake control method is to press the brake pedal and then press the clutch pedal, making the car a smooth stop.

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