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The Clutch Cover Is The Clutch Of The Car Clutch

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

The main structure of the clutch cover is the friction plate on the clutch platen, like the brake pads on the wheels, which are made of very resistant asbestos and copper, and the friction plate of the platen also has a minimum permissible thickness, After the friction plate on the pressure plate to be replaced. Clutch Cover The original friction plate replacement can buy spare parts to replace their own, and now are already installed to buy a friction plate pressure plate sub-assembly, do not have their own friction plate, Clutch Cover and directly for the clutch pressure plate on it.

Clutch cover is a manual clutch car clutch assembly of the operating device, but also the car driving the "five control pieces" one. Use the frequency is quite high. Its operation is correct or not, Clutch Cover a direct impact on the car's start, shift and reversing.

The clutch cover is the operating device for the clutch assembly. Is the car and the driver "man-machine" interaction part. In the study car or in normal driving, is the car driving "five control pieces" one, the use of frequency is very high, for the sake of convenience, people directly called "clutch."

Clutch cover direct action: through the correct control of the driver to achieve the clutch before and after the part (engine and transmission) of the joint and separation.

Clutch cover indirect effect: to indirectly achieve: start; shift; reversing.

According to the provisions of the production of parts and components of the provisions of the provisions of the crankshaft, flywheel, clutch assembly assembly should be measured after the dynamic balance. Clutch Cover In the event of a dynamic balance determination, it is permissible to correct the counterweight at the clutch cover fastening bolts and to mark the clutch cover and the balance sheet when servicing the clutch assembly so that it can be reloaded The

As the road conditions continue to improve, the average running speed of the road is high, so the engine crankshaft speed is also high, for high-speed engine, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the clutch, crankshaft, flywheel, clutch assembly is more important. Therefore, in the clutch repair, Clutch Cover be sure to ensure that the balance sheet in situ complex.