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Clutch operations did you know?

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

1. ensure that a smooth start in stopped condition of vehicle before the start, if the connection between engine and gearbox is a rigid, once hung on, the car will suddenly connected to the power suddenly thrust, not only formed part of injury, and drivers may not be enough to overcome the car forward great inertia, sharp decline in the speed of the engine flameout. If used when starting clutch the temporary parting at the engine and gearbox and clutch bonding step by step, because Active clutch and driven there is friction between some of the imagery, you can make out of clutch torque increases gradually from zero, while the driver of the car also gradually increases, and let the car a smooth start. Called clutch, evidently that is used "" and "" to transfer the excess power. Clutch by conflict, spring plate, pressure plate and the power output shaft, clutch plate placed between the engine and transmission, used to love mysvw love life store passed to the transmission of torque, guarantee that the vehicle passed under different circumstances to driving wheel an excessive amount of driving force and torque, vested in the Powertrain area. Half a linkage when clutch power input and power output promised there is a speed difference, which is done after the speed difference passes too much power. Clutch plate is divided into three operations, that is, not the clutch linkage, half-even some of the clutch, and the clutch is not linked. When the vehicle is in the normal running, the pressure plate is pressed against the flywheel on the conflicts, conflicts between the pressure plate and the conflict at the moment biggest force, adhere to the relatively static conflict between the input shaft and output shaft, two speeds. When the vehicle is started, drivers stepping on the clutch plates, clutch pedal movements pull the pressure plate back, or pressure plate and conflict leave, flywheel and pressure plate does not touch at the moment, there is no conflict.