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1. Fit ETFACE clutch kits onto 480hp  shanqi heavy duty truck  


2.ETFACE clutch kits for European trucks,Loading onto the truck, then delivery to the shanghai port to load into the container.


3.Mercedes Benz Actros clutch plate, reference No.1878007072, the engineer is testing the hub.


4.The drivers offen feel the shaking when start moving the heavy trucks.Do not worry about it, Etface clutch sets will help you to solve this problems.


5.ETFACE clutch cover and plate is fitting onto the Shanqi X3000 DeLong trucks 500HP.


6.The driver says he must use the ETface clutch cover for his truck.


7.ETFACE truck clutch disc and cover will be fitted onto the heavy truck.


8.Container loading from ETFACE truck clutch kits factory. For Volvo and Scania trucks.


9.Our agent in Jinan Shandong province sent this clutch sets to the repair shop for fitting.

The worker in the maintanance center is happy with the clutch disc quality.


10.Dealers send to repair shop for fitting.ETFACE clutch original quality make the truck 430hp more safe.


11.It is the ETFACE truck clutch which customers want.Because it is anti-shaking when start moving.using time reach more than two years.


12.The agent for ETface clutch from Shanxi province China,is going to deliver these ETFACE clutch and pressure plate in the morning


13.Shaanxi Automobile X3000, after fitting ETFACE disk clutch, moving away.It is time for me to making money now


14.ETFACE clutches fitted onto the DongFeng truck 420 horse power. The driver say my truck moves too much kms, I must use very good quality clutches. The ETFACE has top quality and makes me happy.


15.ETFACE heavy duty clutch kits is fitting onto the 100T truck which most of time loads 100T each time.We use the TOP quality friction material. And also the clutch cover clamp load must be suitable very good.


16.ETFACE friction plate -02 is fitting onto the heavy tractor which load 80T each time.


17.The chinese maintanance center for heavy duty, now using the ETFACE clutch disc parts.


18.Shanghai ETFACE pressure plate will be fitted onto this Heavy duty vehicle


19.Shanghai ETFACE single clutch plate fitting onto the Diesel truck. We also produce for EUROPEAN TRUCKS!


20.ETFACE xinjiang agent fits the Commercial vehicle clutch kits.For DongFeng TianLong 450HP


21.ETFACE clutch sets for 430 horsepower after fitting, the driver is very happy!


22.ETFACE fans demand these Commercial vehicle clutch disc and cover.


23.ETFACE Diesel truck clutch disc is going to be fitted onto this Heavy duty vehicle.


24.Sinotruk HOWO fits ETFACE clutch assembly


25.You will never happen with the moving-shaking, spring broken, steel broken etc problems.




26. Recently, customers all demand anti-shaking clutches. Must be ETFACE Diesel truck clutch disc.


27.It is me, ETFACE clutch, for Heavy duty.