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Car Clutch Should Pay Attention To Those Matters

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Refer to clutch all familiar, because cars are now everywhere in our lives, so we all know that clutch in the car plays a kind of effect? I will reveal the answer for everyone, along with me and have a look!
Clutch is the way mechanical engine power of the car to switch appliances on the transmission to the axle. To ensure passing under different operating conditions of the vehicle to drive wheel the right amount of driving force and torque clutch is two parts: active and passive parts, pass through the contact surface between friction torque, makes two parts can do temporary separation and can slowly bond. Clutch output shaft is the gearbox input shaft. When the clutch separate driver to press the clutch plates, separated by Rod, fork, after isolation and annular clearance, release lever outer end pull the pressure plate moved backward, overcome the pressure of compression springs, gap between the platen with platen, friction disappear, clutch master, separate from the moving parts, interrupting power transmission. In transmission power when the driver slowly lift the clutch plates, spring compression, pressure plates begin to move forward and slowly driven disk compression, makes friction gets bigger.
Auto clutches must meet several conditions:
A: to be separated completely and glue soft, good heat sink function.
B: to deliver the engine maximum torque
C: clutch moment of inertia of the driven part of the smaller the better
D: friction between the pressure plates of pressure and friction coefficient is smaller, more stable