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Clutch The Correct Use Can Increase A Car's Life

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Correct use of automobile clutch can not only increase the car's life, itself also has a role in safety, so do you know how to properly use a clutch? I will list them all below for you all, and hope to help you!
Clutch plays an important role in the process of driving the car, which can keep the car a smooth start and easy to shift, if the clutch had a problem, it will lead to the emergence of some problems, thereby increasing the risk of driving. Therefore, in order to improve driving safety, we need to master certain skills, the right clutch position is, feet step on the clutch pedal, feet close to the ground, when the clutch when you step on to the lowest point, the knee to remain slightly bent. Version not to trample on your toes or heels off the ground and avoid inadequate or decline. To avoid clutch in a joint State for a long time can we effectively protect the clutch for unskilled drivers driving in General, Hill-start when you pull the hand brake, and then let the clutch in a joint State, Panasonic hand brake, vehicle stationary, and car after car hits. If hand failed to shift, you can release the clutch, and clutch again, shift, do not force the shift, or would have a friction transmission gears (gear).