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Clutch Problems After We Approach

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Clutch is the most important part of the whole vehicle if there is a problem, you can prevent the car from moving, let me introduce to you clutch failure cause and repair methods, here we'll look at it!
Failure reason:
1) separated master cylinder Assembly: improper adjustments, pedal too high, and no air travel
2) driven plate (friction) Assembly: friction and wear (wear to linings rivets)
3) clutch master cylinder, wheel cylinder, separate fork, release bearing and other card issuers, sports are not flexible.
4), pressure plate wearing of flywheels face big (worn over 0.5mm).
5) separation refers to the excessive wear (refers to the end of circular-arc has worn), excessive bearing wear (thrust plane grinding of concave arc).
Repair method:
Step one: check the clutch pedal too high, air travel is appropriate, adjusted to the normal state. If the symptoms did not go away for the next step.
Step two: check the clutch, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, separate fork, release bearing and other implications are there cards, sports are not flexible, the clutch pedal is back to normal. exclusion still does not work after you proceed to the next step.
Third step: check clutch device disc Assembly, and cover Assembly, and flywheel whether wear excess, pressure disc separation refers to, and separation bearing thrust plane whether wear excess. disc Assembly friction tablets wear should not leak out rivet; with Vernier caliper measurement, cover Assembly of pressure disc work end surface wear should is unlikely to Yu 0.3mm; flywheel of installation depth with depth feet measurement, wear depth should is unlikely to Yu 0.5mm. above; pressure disc separation refers to end arc surface not should mill flat; separation bearing thrust plane not should mill out concave arc; not meet size of should to replaced. But one should pay attention to the parts in the repair process does not meet the requirements should be replaced separately, do not generally complete replacement. (For example: clutch plate Assembly too much wear only plate Assembly, you should not replace cover Assembly)