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The Clutch Cover Prevents The Transmission System From Overloading

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

The clutch cover is one of the components of the clutch assembly, and the clutch cover assembly is as follows: The clutch lid is driven from the disk assembly, the clutch cover plate and the cover assembly, the separating bearing and the flywheel.

Clutch cover assembly is mainly composed of rivets, transmission plate, damp-proof rivet, support spring, pressure plate, pressure plate cover, Clutch Disc diaphragm spring and other parts.

Clutch cover is the vehicle transmission system directly connected with the engine parts, it is responsible for the power and transmission system of the cutting and binding action, so can ensure a smooth start of the car, Clutch Disc but also to ensure the smooth shift, also prevent the transmission system overload.

Introduction of clutch cover composition

The clutch cover is mounted between the engine and the transmission, and is the assembly which is directly connected with the engine in the automobile transmission system. Usually the clutch cover is fitted with the flywheel group of the engine crankshaft, which is the part that cuts and transmits power between the engine and the automobile transmission system. In the whole process from start to normal, Clutch Disc the driver can manipulate the clutch cover according to the need, so that the engine and the transmission system are temporarily separated or gradually joined to cut off or transfer the engine to the drive system output power. Its role is to make the engine and the transmission between the gradual bonding, in order to ensure a smooth start of the car, Clutch Disc temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and the transmission, in order to shift gears and reduce the impact of the shift, when the car emergency braking can play a separate role, prevent transmission and other transmission system overload, thus playing a certain protective role.

The clutch lid is similar to a switch, a joint or a break off power transfer, Clutch Disc so that any form of car has a clutch device, just the form is different.

The primary function of the clutch cover. Before the car starts, it is natural to start the engine first. When the car started, the car was gradually accelerated from a completely stationary state. If the transmission system (which is connected to the entire car) is rigidly linked to the engine, Clutch Disc the transmission will suddenly go forward, but it won't start. This is because the car from the static to the front of the rush, with a lot of inertia, the engine caused a lot of resistance moment. Under the action of the inertia resistance moment, the engine in the instantaneous time speed drops to the lowest stable speed (general 300-500rpm) below, Clutch Disc the engine is flameout but cannot work, certainly the automobile also cannot start.